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AESP Summer Conference - Booth #8

8/16/2016 to 8/18/2016
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9/13/2016 to 9/16/2016
Denver, Colorado

Efficiency Council's EE and DR Fall Conference

9/27/2016 to 9/28/2016
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10th Annual Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange

9/28/2016 to 9/30/2016
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2016 SEEA & AESP Southeast Conference

10/25/2016 to 10/26/2016
Atlanta, Georgia


GoodCents attracts your customers and motivates them to save energy and participate in Demand Side Management (DSM) programs with creative marketing and innovative software solutions.

GoodCents is a North American integrated Demand Side Management (DSM) provider that values Excellence in quality service. We strive to provide our utility partners with the best program Solutions to meet your complex energy goals while delivering an integrated approach that streamlines efforts and increases Results.

The approach
Market Knowledge and Program Design Integrated Technology Platform GoodCents Connect Innovative Customer Acquisition Proven Field Operations Turn-Key Program Results


GoodCents has made significant investments in a unified technology platform that separates us from other program implementers in its ability to support a broad portfolio of programs with exceptional customer service.  This platform,  GoodCents Connect®, was specifically designed to market and deliver DSM programs; its capabilities are ideally suited to address the needs of program execution and provide comprehensive reporting to utilities. It allows for robust, customized reporting and data transparency providing you the real-time information necessary to successfully manage your DSM programs.


GoodCents Connect has a modular design so that each client can leverage the needed applications to support a customized experience based on their portfolio needs. Data collected through the program delivery cycle is archived in an enterprise class data warehouse to facilitate reporting. Additionally, as data is collected it is attached to an individual customer, creating an increasingly enhanced customer profile. The customer-centric approach gives you valuable insight into your customers’ behavior which can then be leveraged to determine the feasibility of future programs. GoodCents Connect currently supports over 26 million customers throughout North America.

Our fully integrated platform supports over 26 million customers throughout the United States and Canada, and comprises many technology systems bundled into four system support components, or applications. These applications fully support and drive program data to provide program clarity for you.

  • Apps
    • Customer Management
    • Work Order Management
    • Energy Audits
    • Rebate Management
  • Portals
    • Customer
    • Trade Ally
    • Program
  • Reporting
    • Dashboards
    • Ad-hoc
    • Standard Reports
    • Data Warehouse
  • Integrations
    • Customer Information System (CIS)
    • Head-End
    • Business Intelligence (BI)



GoodCents is a North American integrated DSM provider that values excellence in quality service. We strive to provide our utility partners with the best program solutions to meet your complex energy goals while delivering an integrated approach that streamlines efforts and increases results. With a well-established 38-year track record, GoodCents helps some of the largest utilities in North America devise and implement new programs designed around their specific needs.

GoodCents understands how regulatory bodies can impact your strategies and day-to-day operations; how customer needs can often be at odds with federal energy regulations; and how essential customer satisfaction is to your success.

Founded by utility professionals, GoodCents is the market leader in full-scale, demand-side services for utilities ranging from Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure, to Smart Grid, Load Research and Measurement & Verification. GoodCents’ comprehensive solutions can handle everything from the initial research and development of programs, to their marketing, implementation, and ongoing measurement and verification. Originally founded as A&C Enercom, GoodCents assumed its current name in 2001 and has since experienced unprecedented growth.

Today, GoodCents employs over 300 experienced marketing, customer service, and utility professionals who manage all of our demand-side management programs. With over 22 active utility relationships and experience running over 84 different utility programs across North America, GoodCents has become the leader in the delivery of complex integrated DSM service offerings to achieve ever-increasing program requirements.